Guardian Plan

Guardian Plan Over 50s Friendly Society is an Australian prepaid funeral plan and is APRA registered. For more than 20 years, Guardian Plan has been working with some of Australia's best-known funeral brands owned by InvoCare.

Guardian Plan enables you to prepay selected funeral services for tomorrow’s funeral at today’s prices. By planning ahead for your funeral you can ensure peace of mind for yourself and those you care for.

Find out more today by visiting Guardian Plan.

HeavenAddress Online Memorials

InvoCare is honoured to be able to offer families HeavenAddress, a respectful online memorial community that honours and celebrates the lives of loved ones. In today’s modern world, families are often spread all over the world, but with HeavenAddress, a memorial is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are in the world.

Online memorials can be very healing to those who are missing a loved one. You can access them easily to express whatever is in your heart, to share and offer words of comfort to others, and to reflect on music, video moments and memories that remind you of someone truly special to you.

An online memorial from HeavenAddress provides a permanent online space where lives can be celebrated, interests commemorated, and families and communities can support each other through grief.

Visit HeavenAddress for more information.

LifeArt Australasia

InvoCare is proud to extend its care and service choices to families through LifeArt, an innovative Australian company that offers beautiful, personal, emotional and environmentally-friendly coffins.

LifeArt Australasia's stunning designs, whether chosen from their existing design range or through their custom-design offering, really speak to the interests, passions and character of the person being farewelled.

LifeArt coffins are available in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. You can find out more about them by visiting LifeArt.