Memorial Parks & Gardens


InvoCare owns and operates 14 cemeteries and crematoria in New South Wales and Queensland and 2 cemeteries in New Zealand.

Many of these locations have extensive historical and cultural connections to the communities they serve, with some having been places of memories and tranquillity since the 1920's.

In keeping with InvoCare’s commitments to Innovation, Vocation and Care, each of InvoCare's cemeteries and crematoria are responsive to the needs of the communities they serve, especially as the demographics of these communities change.

Examples of this commitment can be seen in:

  • The introduction of new developments and memorial sections, tailored to the needs of cultural or religious groups. This includes Asian sections designed with feng shui advisors and the outstanding crypts, vaults and family mausoleums preferred by many European communities.
  • The introduction of new technologies, such as online memorials and the use of social media.
  • New methods of memorialisation, such as natural burials.

InvoCare is committed to giving families choice about how they can remember a loved one.  

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New South Wales

InvoCare owns 9 cemeteries and crematoria in New South Wales.


InvoCare owns 5 cemeteries and crematoria in Queensland.