National brands

InvoCare has 3 national funeral brands in Australia: White Lady Funerals, providing a woman's understanding; Simplicity Funerals, offering a simply affordable service; and Value Funerals, providing a value for money funeral service.

You can click on a logo to visit each brand's website.

White Lady Funerals, Simplicity Funerals and Value Funerals

Regional brands

InvoCare has over 30 regional funeral home brands in different states across Australia. These are detailed in the sections below.

You can click on a logo to visit each brand's website.

New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory

Guardian Funerals, WN Bull Funerals, Liberty Funerals, Allan Drew Funerals, David Lloyd Funerals, Universal Chung Wah Funeral Directors, Hansen & Cole Funerals, Ann Wilson Funerals and Tobin Brothers a Guardian Funeral Provider


Metropolitan Funerals, George Hartnett Funerals, Gatton Funerals, Drysdale Funerals, Beaudesert Funerals, Somerville Funerals, Hriam Philp Funerals, City Funeral Services, Mackay Funerals and Burkin Svendsens Funeral Directors

South Australia

Blackwell Funerals


Turnbull Funerals


Le Pine Funerals, W.D. Rose & Joseph Allison Funerals, Tuckers Funerals and Southern Cross Funerals

Western Australia

Mareena Purslowe Funerals, Purslowe Funerals, Chipper Funerals, Oakwood Funerals, Christian Funerals and Green Endings