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ATO Class Ruling on InvoCare Limited Scheme of Arrangement

Class Ruling CR 2024/10 InvoCare Limited – scheme of arrangement and special dividend and
Class Ruling CR 2024/9 InvoCare Limited – employee share scheme – shares disposed of under the scheme of arrangement can now be accessed via the ATO website at the links provided here and can be downloaded for use in your 2023/24 tax preparation.


Former New Zealand shareholders

Under a scheme of arrangement we are required to pay out scheme consideration in Australian dollars and therefore the default payment method for foreign shareholders was a cheque in AUD for your entitlement. We understand that not all jurisdictions have the ability to cash such cheques.

What option do I have as an alternative to cheque?

If this is the case, foreign shareholders can make use of  OFX (an online FX payment platform). This has been set up by Link Market Services to facilitate electronic transfers in foreign currency for this offer and is an option offered to foreign shareholders.

What do I do?

You will need to opt in for OFX and can sign up for this via the Link Investor Centre website. Investor Centre | Link Market Services ( Once you’ve set up your OFX account you will need to link this to your share register record.

  1. Log into your Link Investor Centre
  2. Navigate to ‘Payments and Tax’ and select ‘Foreign Currency Payment’ as your payment method
  3. Authorise your Link and OFX accounts to be connected
  4. Confirm your receiving bank account details
  5. Choose your preferred currency

Once you are signed up please let Link know. You can call them on +61 1300 854 911 during business hours (AEST) Mon-Fri. They can then cancel the cheque and the payment can be facilitated via the OFX platform.

Acquisition of InvoCare now complete

TPG Transaction

On 9 August, InvoCare announced that it had entered into a Scheme Implementation Deed with TPG to acquire 100% of InvoCare shares via a Scheme of Arrangement. This Scheme completed on the 24 November 2023 and InvoCare has now been de-listed from the ASX.

If shareholders have any questions regarding the acquisition and the impact on their previous shareholding they can email InvoCare Investor Relations at

If you are an InvoCare employee or former employee who was granted shares under InvoCare equity plans and have any questions please contact InvoCare Investor Relations at