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martin-eMartin Earp – CEO, InvoCare

InvoCare, which is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, is a leading international provider of funeral, cemetery, crematoria, and related services. It currently operates, and is a market leader, in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. In 2015, InvoCare also began operations in the United States of America.

InvoCare currently operates over 270 funeral locations and 16 cemeteries and crematoria, all in competitive markets in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States of America. InvoCare employs more than 1,800 people and has a current turnover of approximately $400 million a year. You can read more on the Our Brands section of our website.

As an industry leader, InvoCare:

  • Delivers outstanding results for investors, its team of people, families and the community;
  • Acquires successful funeral and related businesses, to grow their market share and profitability;
  • Has a governance and management structure;
  • Adopts new management techniques for competitive advantage;
  • Sets new standards for service, care and innovation wherever we operate;
  • Invests in the quality and capacity of our locations;
  • Raises professional standards and client service through training programs delivered by accredited Learning and Development teams; and
  • Forms lasting community relationships wherever we operate.

InvoCare operates under the existing brand names of the trusted businesses it acquires.

For Shareholders

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Important dates

Below are some important dates throughout 2017 for shareholders' calendars.

Event               Timing
2016 Annual Results Announcement               23 February 2017
Final 2016 Dividend – subject to Board declaration               Payable early April 2017
Annual Report distributed               April 2017
Annual General Meeting               19 May 2017
2017 Half-Year Results Announcement               16 August 2017
Interim 2017 Dividend – subject to Board declaration               Payable early October 2017