InvoCare responds to comments made by Australian Workers Union


In response to comments made by the AWU relating to InvoCare Australia Pty Limited (InvoCare) in Victoria, InvoCare makes the following statement.

InvoCare in Victoria is a willing contributor to collective bargaining processes and complies with the requirements of the workplace relations system. Under the old workplace relations system, a collective bargaining agreement made provision for pay increases to June 30 this year. InvoCare late last year and again early this year proactively went to the AWU and our employees with a view to renew the collective agreement. This agreement was voted down by one vote.

On July 13, as is our right under the new Fair Work Australia laws, we asked the AWU to confirm its assertion that a majority of our employees wanted this union to represent them in negotiations. To do this the Fair Work Australia laws require the AWU to run a majority support determination process which they have recently lodged with Fair Work Australia.

InvoCare now awaits the assessment of Fair Work Australia regarding the validity of this majority support determination process. It would appear that comments made by InvoCare have been misquoted. At no stage have we said we are unwilling to negotiate with unions to make a collective agreement. Our commitment to good faith bargaining is a matter of public record.

InvoCare has already granted Victorian employees covered by the existing agreement a 3% pay rise, from 1 July, so that employees are not disadvantaged by any delays in reaching a new enterprise agreement.

Lyndall Jones InvoCare General Manager of Human Resources

For further information, contact Karl Wolfenden, InvoCare Communication Manager, 0400 327 824.