Meet our People


Anyone who works in our industry knows the amazing and important impact our people have, every single day. Yet most people rarely see that contribution, until they need us. 

We are so proud of the work that each and every one of our people does, and the impact they have on the families we support. Each of them come from a different background and bring different experiences to their role in supporting families every day.

We captured the stories of four of our amazing employees focusing on why they joined the funeral industry and what keeps them here.

Kate Farrow - Funeral Director

After attending her grandfather's funeral, Kate Farrow was inspired to embark on a career as a Funeral Director. "I hole a degree in Music and a partial degree in Forensic Molecular Biology, but neither of those felt like the right fit for me. But this certainly does. It's not always an easy job but I can promise it will be one of the best and most rewarding you will have

Alan Doyle - Funeral Director's Assistant

Our people come from all backgrounds and sectors. Alan Doyle, one of our wonderful Funeral Director's Assistants (FDA), joined us two years ago, coming from the construction industry. "The colleagues at InvoCre are amazingly supportive. Being able to work with such kind and thoughtful people really helps."

Ray Leon - Funeral Director

Who wants to be a Funeral Director? The idea of working in our industry can be daunting for some. But our people will tell you that it's incredibly rewarding. Meet Funeral Director, Ray Leon. "People often say, 'You're dealing with a lot of death. Isn't that a sad thing?' I explain to them that, for me, we look after families."

Julie Tyquin - Funeral Director's Assistant

With a strong desire to help others, Julie Tyquin switched her career in television for a role as a Funeral Director's Assistant (FDA). "To be an FDA takes patience, attention to detail and kindness. I find it so rewarding. I've always had a need to help people." Julie shares why she became and FDA, and why she's never looked back.