Community Involvement


InvoCare plays an active part in community life at all levels.

Memorial Services and Cultural Events

Many of InvoCare’s funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoria arrange free memorial services at important times of the year – such as at Christmas or on Mother’s and Father’s Day, to provide extra support and as a general community service. They are also sponsors and participants in days of religious or cultural significance to those around us. These include:

  • Lunar New Year
  • Australia Day
  • Waitangi Day
  • Easter
  • Ching Ming
  • All Souls’ Day
  • Chung Yeung
  • Remembrance Day
  • Feast Days
  • Saints Days
InvoCare Community Event for Anzac Day


InvoCare encourages and assists its employees to be active in their community through volunteer work. Many of our people are members of Lions Clubs, Rotary, Zonta, Apex, as well as similar service clubs all over the world.

Many of InvoCare’s people participate in local community activities such as car rallies, marathons and fun runs, community fairs, working bees and charity collections. Each year these activities assist in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for local groups to continue their work.

Dad with two children and animals at an InvoCare Community Event
Simplicity funerals team handing out water bottles at an InvoCare Community Event

Donations and Sponsorships

Both as a corporation and through our many brands and locations, InvoCare provides direct support to charities and community groups by making direct donations or by sponsoring major fundraising activities.

At the local level, there are just too many organisations to list but InvoCare’s donations and sponsorships contribute many thousands of dollars annually.

You can contact us if you have a community partnership opportunity that you would like to discuss with InvoCare.