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Corporate Profile - Introduction

In most ways, the funeral, cemetery and memorialisation businesses are like any other. They are professions that employ managers and staff to deal with resources, regulatory and customer issues. They exist in a highly competitive marketplace operating both locally and internationally.

InvoCare places itself in a position to lead the Asia-Pacific funeral, cemetery and memorialisation industries because fundamentally we take ourselves beyond the realm of an ordinary business. InvoCare was named to purposely reflect on the core values of our business. Innovation, Vocation and Care. Let's look at each of these in more detail.


We seek to be innovative in the way we serve our customers and meet emerging trends; in the practices we adopt to run our business; and in the use of new and emerging technologies to either help us be more efficient and effective, or to help our families remember loved ones in their own special way.


We are professionals and are particularly and uniquely sensitive about the services we provide the community. For many of us, our work is a calling. We are, essentially, a people business serving people and an organisation giving back to communities.


Because the standard of care we provide needs to become an endearing family moment, we take great pride in striving for & maintaining high standards, building trusting relationships, with genuineness that can never be questioned

Increasingly people are becoming more open to discussing death. This change is due in part to the influences of other cultures brought to Australia by migrants. Mostly though, it comes from a general change in the way we view funerals. They are now looked upon as a chance to celebrate a life through personalising the service to reflect the life of the individual and generally making the service itself special. It is the details which become so important when arranging a funeral.

The industry goes beyond the funeral itself. After the cremation or burial has taken place, the memorial options give the family an opportunity to provide a place to grieve and remember. The attention to detail and personalising of the memorial are important. There are many options to choose from, not just in the memorial itself but also in the selection of a Memorial Park. Standards of landscaped beauty are maintained to keep in touch with the local environment, providing a resting place which is peaceful to visit while also reflective of the area where people lived.

InvoCare is the Asia-Pacific's leading provider of funeral services. We are an Australian company with a presence in Singapore and New Zealand as well.

Our philosophy is:

  • to demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism while assisting client families at a pivotal time in their lives.
  • to exercise responsibility as industry leader by setting high standards of service, safety and fair business practice.
  • to increase investor value through sound fiscal management and corporate development.

Our commitment is in:

  • Helping our local communities
  • Offering personal attention, and 
  • Showing our commitment to the families we are privileged to serve.

This website sets out the detail.  Thank you for reading it.

Andrew Smith
Chief Executive Officer

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